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Flow Simulation

Why use computer simulation of the casting process?

The lead-time from idea to production is getting shorter and shorter. Using computer simulation of the casting process minimises the run-in time for new products and also minimises the risk of major failures and large delays. Flow simulation is also useful on already running productions that have an unacceptably high reject rate and therefore are running at a loss.

Why use MMAA Global?

We use state of the art flow software (Flow3D) and then apply practical knowledge. Without this practical approach you can’t link the results to the real world outcome. MMAA Global has more than 18  years experience in using computer flow simulation for the casting processes.

How long will it take?

A typical computer flow simulation will take between 1 and 3 days for the first simulation. Additional simulations would take approximately 1 day. These time lines will depend on the complexity of the part and the quality of the CAD file received. Obviously very complex parts can take longer. MMAA Global can make the process easy for the customer. The software is complex and needs a comprehensive list of information before a simulation can be made. The good news is that most of the input parameters are calculated by MMAA Global and so the customer only needs to provide basic information of the process and a 3D model of the part.

What do I get?

MMAA Global can offer to help with the design of the runner, and the venting and cooling system of the die. The results are presented in a report combined with animations of the flow and solidification. We can provide a CAD model of all of these.

This demonstrates the common problems in filling a cavity.