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Gravity Die Casting

Fixing the Cause not the Symptom

It is often tempting to remedy a problem rather than to search to understand the real underlying cause and then fix it.

At MMAA Global we aim to help the customer by identifying and fixing the root cause, leading to a robust production process.

When we solve a problem we are also able to improve the quality AND productivity.

Fixing the Cause

A foundry had a strength problem for a particular casting. It fractured during operation. The foundry’s answer was to strengthen the metal by adding strontium. This caused further production problems and narrowed the operating window. Strontium is often a beneficial additive but the real cause of the failure was shrinkage porosity caused by the die getting too hot and by incorrect feeding. The die temperature slowly increased throughout the day which meant some castings were reasonable and some were poor.

We attacked the real problem by changing the feeding and incorporating an active cooling system that came on only when the die reached a certain temperature.

The foundry implemented the design by MMAA Global which incorporated active cooling. The process window got bigger (good castings were easier to make) and the castings cooled quicker. Hence the cycle time was faster and productivity increased. There were no extra consumables, no extra rejects and more productivity.

More good castings at lower cost.

  1. Casting showing porosity

  1. Improved casting showing less porosity