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MMAA Global has a number of set courses for almost every aspect of high pressure die casting.

Usually they are directed at specific audiences such as either machine operators, team leaders, engineers or management.

We can also offer tailored courses to specific companies that fit within their specific needs and methods.

We have trained over 2500 people internationally.

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High Pressure Die Casting Courses

Course Name                     Aimed At                    Overview

Understanding your Machine      Operators                 Parts of the machine                       

                                                     Team Leaders          Functions of each part   

                                                     Engineers                 Maintenance

                                                                                      What it will and will not do 

Runner Design (basic)                 Operators                Important parts of runners                  

                                                     Team Leaders         Basics of design 

                                                     Engineers                Steps in designing real runners

Runner Design (Advanced)          Engineers                Controlling flow                 

                                                                                     Using simple simulation

                                                                                     Trouble shooting       

Thermal Design (basic)               Operators                Why control die thermals                  

                                                     Team Leaders         Use of water and oil cooling

                                                     Engineers                Die spray troubleshooting

Thermal Design (advanced)        Engineers                Control segments of the die                 

                                                                                     Use of spot cooling 

                                                                                     Soldering - how and why  

Defects & Troubleshooting        Operators                 Defining defects                  

                                                   Team Leaders          Why do they occur

                                                   Engineers                 How to identify common causes


Available Courses

At the left of the page is a short example of some of the courses available in High Pressure Die Casting.

MMAA Global also has courses for Gravity and Low Pressure Die Casting as well as courses on Designing Castings. Any further information is available by emailing us.